big data analytics

Big Data Analytics

We believe that Big Data Analytics.

Big Data Analytics follows the 80:20 rule.

80% of your questions can be answered by implementing systems and interfaces that study the data fed to them and provide routine reports, insights and directions.

The other 20% are critical questions based on hypotheses.

Questions such as how much price increase can your market .

Bear , prescription pattern comparison of one drug vs another, customer sentiment around your latest product, what else would your customers prefer, etc. need a careful examination of the data, various sources, staging such data and then analyses.

This calls for building a Center of Excellence that can dig into each hypothesis and extract actionable business insights. We have the capability to identify, collect and analyze your data for you.

We can also train your in-house team and help you build a competitive and cutting-edge CoE for Analytics. Contact us today to understand how we performed two sets of analyses on a major diabetes prescription drug for a US pharma company.

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