Cloud Mobility

Cloud Mobility

Our solutions are cloud-based and are accessible via mobile devices.

We approach all of our services and solutions from a cloud-first and mobile-first perspective. We definitely build backward compatibility to your existing systems, but only after a thorough assessment.

We utilize our expertise to track the conditions and attributes that are most relevant to your business operations and then forecast business outcomes.

If you know when a piece of equipment needs to be serviced, when a part needs to be replaced or when a conveyor belt is expected to snap, you can take preventive measures to eliminate any unforeseen production situation.

You can make a distinct set of high-impact business decisions if you know where your essential product shipment is, the route it usually takes, or the temperatures your biologics product is subjected to.

Our solutions and services are based on IoT-tracking, SAP Leonardo and SAP C/4 HANA. Call us today to learn more about some of our IoT projects. In order to operate in a completely new digital world, your business must consider IoT.

Process Enhancement

Drive Digital drive value with ITRadiant.

Build trusted relationships

ITRadiant can help you establish a strong brand with SAP C/4 HANA.

Change Management

Transform your business with ITRadiant expert consulting

Our other Digital Capabilities

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IOT Based Tracking

The world of sensors is exploding. The evolution has made sensors not only cheap

Big Data Analytics

We believe that Big Data Analytics follows the 80:20 rule..

Machine Learning

Unquestionably the biggest technology revolution coming our way is AI..

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