Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

According to McKinsey, "as much as 30%, or $50 billion, of the CPG industry's sales growth will come from online in the next five years." This is a challenge that the industry and its ecosystem must overcome and transform into an opportunity. Aside from that, the industry has been subjected to increased compliance and regulatory pressure, resulting in an increase in data volume and granularity. Customer demand and options are growing, necessitating ongoing product customization and increased operational efficiency. In addition, the utilisation of IOT-driven processes was required to improve customer experience and productivity in the manufacturing cycle.

Overall, these are some of the challenges that Industry 4.0 is facing as we take our initial steps into the digital age. This is when, the ITRadiant team geared up to ensure that your digital journey go as smoothly as possible, with the least amount of disruption to your organization.

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ITRadiant offers holistic consulting services with customer focused digital transformation strategy. With the solutions of SAP C/4HANA suite, you can combine Marketing, Sales, Service, Commerce and Data cloud to channelize your business.

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