Supply Chain

Supply Chain

E-commerce development requires business productivity at all levels. The rise of e-commerce has presented conventional company models with a slew of fresh opportunities and challenges. In the world of e-commerce, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is crucial. Being the cornerstone of e-commerce, SCM plays a critical role in its expansion. SCM in e-commerce emphasizes on the acquisition of raw materials, production, and transportation of the proper product at the correct time. E-commerce operations are accelerated by an effective supply chain to match client expectations. It's a large and complicated operation that assures that all the partners, from vendors to producers and beyond, do a good job. A successful SCM strategy combines organizational change, collaboration, and risk management to assist all parties align and communicate. Hence, SCM is unquestionably the underlying framework that governs a significant percentage of any company.

An effective or successful SCM is characterized by the capacity to improve a set of metrics. It should be the product of in-depth analysis on how a supply chain functions, as well as its main challenges, such as various markets, risk management, changing client needs, and technology improvements. An industry-leading focuses on the following characteristics:




  • Strategy Clarification
  • Huge Data
  • Customization
  • Versatility


As an SAP service provider, we pride ourselves in providing exclusive services in the following areas to help build an intelligent supply chain management.

  • RF Device integration
  • WM/EWM set up
  • Setting up of Handling Unit Management
  • Serialization
  • Complex batch tracking

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